FAQs - Shipping

All of the component parts, materials and equipment provided in a kit home package are assembled together, packages for international maritime transportation, and loaded into 40’ HC shipping containers.

Our logistics team arrange CIF (cost, insurance, freight) shipping to the international sea port nearest to the build site. All goods are insured up to the desination port. Owners are responsible for onward transport from port to the build site and any local port costs, taxes or duties that may be applied.

Quoted net ex-factory prices for kit building packages include packaging and loading containers, they do not include transport costs which fluctuate depending on vessel schedules and destination ports.

SOC CONTAINERS (Shipper Owned Containers)

Shipping companies generally provide the containers used for transport on a rental basis. The container is rented for the duration of the transit and this includes a limited time in which they may be collected from the port, unloaded, and returned to the port. This is usually about a week. Substantial daily penalties are imposed if this limited free time is exceeded.

An alternative we recommend is to buy and ship owned containers which allows you as much time as you like to unload them, many of our customers do this because it also provides a good secure place to store parts and equipment during the assembly process. There is a healthy market in second hand containers and they are easy to resell when you have finished with them. We can provide before used containers at market price when we are ready to ship


Shipping costs fluctuate depending on vessel schedules and destination ports. Shipping companies will not provide quotations for maritime transport outside of three weeks from booking however we do not seek to benefit from transportation costs and our shipping agents will locate the most cost effective route at the time of booking.

Purchasing costs of second hand SOC containers, with a valid CSC (container seaworthy certificate), are in the region of $3900 per 40’HC shipping container.