BAUHU - Modular Buildings

BAUHU are a boutique provider of custom designed modular buildings specialising in hurricane resistant homes and construction services for residential customers, resort and hotel operators, and property developers throughout the world.

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BAUHU boasts a versatile range of factory-built, hurricane resistant, prefabricated modular homes offering a wealth of unique finishes and stylish architectural features. Our attractive properties are supplied as an all-inclusive package incorporating construction materials, kitchens, bathrooms, decor items and equipment. Our engineered, modular construction system guarantees speed, accuracy, sustainability and cost certainty.

Turnkey Modular Homes

Bauhu real estate developments provide buyers with the opportunity to acquire completed properties in a variety of sought after Caribbean locations. Turnkey homes are offered for sale on a ‘pre-construction’ basis for delivery in approximately ten months.

Bespoke Modular Projects

Bespoke, premium quality modular buildings designed and manufactured to suit customer specific requirements.