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Three Bedrooms - Three bathrooms
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The Coconut Villa

Factory built, modular, hurricane resistant homes for delivery worldwide

A particularly attractive home design offering open plan living accommodation, two or three bedrooms, several en suite bath/shower room options, a comfortable kitchen/dining area and a covered front terrace.
Bauhu light gauge steel frame homes, hurricane resistant, prefabricated off site, kit home studio homes
The Coconut Villa A

    Two bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | 108m2 / 1163ft2
    A modular home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on a single floor, an open plan kitchen, dining and living area and a spacious covered terrace area.

Bauhu light gauge steel frame homes, flat pack modular homes, prefabricated off site, kit home studio homes
The Coconut Villa B

    Three bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | 125m2 / 1346ft2
    Three bedrooms with an en suite master bathroom and a shared second bathroom. A comfortable open plan kitchen, dining and living area and a spacious covered terrace area.

Bauhu light gauge steel frame homes, prefabricated off site, kit home studio homes
The Coconut Villa C

    Three bedrooms | Three Bathrooms | 125m2 / 1346ft2
    A modular single storey home with three bedrooms each with a private en suite bathroom. A well equipped open plan kitchen, dining and living area and a spacious covered terrace.

  • hurricane resistant light steel frame kit homes for the Caribbean and Bahamas
  • Bauhu Bahamas hurricane resistant modular prefab pre-engineered kit homes for the Caribbean
  • hurricane resistant modern prefab kit homes for the caribbean and The Bahamas

The floor plans above show the three different versions of the Coconut Villa home.
What you get

A complete building supplied in kit format together with a wide range of interior decor and finishes that you can choose.

This home can be manufactured in eight weeks
and assembled in just two months
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Bauhu homes are manufactured and pre-assembled at factory level to ensure an engineered finished product and an accurate component supply. All parts of the building envelope and interior decoration items are assembled together as a ‘kit’ to provide a complete building package ready for assembly on site.

This home is supplied as a prefabricated kit complete with all of the structural elements, components and equipment required to assemble the building to a fully water and airtight condition and a full selection of decor and finishing materials.

What you don't get

Things that need to be prepared before delivery of a home

Light steel frame homes are designed to be erected on a concrete slab. Foundations, footings and a concrete slab should be prepared before the building arrives. We provide detailed site preparation instructions and concrete slab plans to enable local engineers to design a foundation suitable for local ground conditions.

Sub slab services (water, power, waste and rainwater drainage) should be integrated into the ground works. Site preparation work should be completed by local contractors prior to the arrival of the building.


This video shows a Palm Cottage being assembled in the factory

The unique, patented, interlocking insulated steel frame panel system is incredibly easy to assemble allowing this building to be erected in less than one week.

Our team can install the building or it can be assembled by local contractors with the help of full installation drawings, which are supplied, under the supervision of our experienced technicians.

Assembly of Bauhu buildings is uncomplicated and does not require any specialist equipment or particular skills. The use of local labour under the supervision of our staff is likely to provide the most cost effective method of assembly.


Delivery to anywhere

This building fits inside two 40'HC standard shipping containers and can be shipped anywhere in the world by sea or by road. We would be pleased to provided shipping services but prices are unpredictable and difficult to estimate without a fixed delivery date. However, we do not seek to profit from transport services so please be assured that we will obtain the most cost effective service at the time of delivery on your behalf.

The building is packaged at the factory and loaded into suitable transport for delivery direct to the work site. The building arrives on site with all of the components required for the complete installation.

Next Steps

Preparing for your new home and understanding the purchasing process

Bauhu modular homes are supported by local representatives in several locations worldwide who can assist and advise on purchasing, planning, contractor works and the assembly of Bauhu modular home.

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